What if you were betrayed by a person you loved dear?

I have betrayed a person I love dearly. It felt like that for her anyways and I guess if I were her I would feel the same. She managed to speak to me and be frank about it three months later. It took me around two years to tell her what really had happened. But, the truth was liberating.

I keep thinking about the last time I felt betrayed and even though I was furious, right now, all I can think of is “Did that person betray me or her beliefs?” It sure hurts like hell! It is a tough situation you need to deal with, however, you also need to let go, otherwise it is a toxic situation that will only deteriorate you. And I love myself.

May all the people who betray me find peace…


3 thoughts on “What if you were betrayed by a person you loved dear?

  1. The King says:

    Betrayal is the best thing ever. Create a series of moments, cultivating an emotion, thus granting all that godlike power and with the snap of a finger destroy a person leaving him the shell of what he/she used to be is satisfying and comes second only to few other things in life. Highly recommended. Just stop being wimps and a bunch of Goody Twoshoes, and start betraying people, and get what you want. Being positive is obnoxious and a waste a fresh air.


  2. The Constant Ideas Generator says:

    “Being positive is obnoxious and a waste of fresh air.” If you replace the word “positive” with the word “negative” I will agree 100%. Let me give you my reasoning by a very simple paradigm. You have a 4 year old in front of you. What kind of words would make the little one love the world, positive of negative? How would you like the world you live in to be? Be the change you want to see in the world.


  3. The King says:

    First of all stop quoting Ghandi. He was a misanthropist and an egotist. Furthermore, kids and the youth should be their own man, and accept their freedom, and sculpt their own reality. Good or bad should not be a factor, that is superimposed upon them. Humanity is not a cultural thing. Following a path, is forced guidance, and selfish of one to consider homogenism,


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