What if you had too many choices?

I had been in a position that  I kept myself busy, while the world seemed still, just to be able to provoke the energy flowing. Then, suddenly, too many things were starting to fall literally in front of my feet and I felt flabbergasted with the abundance of choices and the constant different scenarios playing in my mind. What if… ? What if I do this? What if I do that?

So, yes, life brings you many choices sometimes and the trick is even though you think you made the best choice at the time, there is no guarantee about anything. Because this is life; full of surprises. In one of my favourite books, “Eat that frog” by Brian Tracy, I actually met for the first time a recipe for prioritizing. The main question is where you want to go in life (have the end in mind) and consider which activity that only you can do can help you come closer to your goal. I have been asking myself these questions whenever I am on a crossroad. Like I am right now. And mind you, it is difficult to make that decision even if you do ask yourself these questions. For, you know that each decision may lead to your future and you want to  be careful to do your very best.

But, I am glad I do have these choices. And even though, I do not know which one will actually benefit me, I also know that each decision that was wrong in my life was also the cause of great discoveries, a journey through self knowledge, as valuable as any success.

In the end, having too many choices, can be confusing, but also the beginning of a new adventure, and don’t you just love those?


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