What if you could restart your life at the age of 18?

#1 I would  have left my country then and made the round of Europe with the euroyouth card.

#2 I would have worked in all the jobs that I would like to try like shoe maker, dress maker, artist, journalist, architect, designer.

# 3 I would work as a copywriter right there and then. I would also have started all the tales and stories I generate in my mind endlessly and I would illustrate them as well.

#4 I would have made a purpose in life to have my own place either in Japan or in Greece, near the mountains.

#5 I would have made sure not to have to work, but to work because I want to.

#6 I would have only positive people around me.

#7 I would have studied something different and only from a distance.

Starting fresh… What a wonderful feeling!


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