What if you could transfigure into an animal like McGonagall?

There is a certain freedom and naturalism hidden in each one of us that lures to find ways to be set free, a feeling that inspired numerous fairy tales and fiction books filled with transformations.

In my imagination, I always wanted to turn into a wolf. Not a werewolf mind you! Oh, no! That film (The werewolf of London, old version, in black and white) had left me sleepless for months. No, I am talking more of the girl in Blood and Chocolate film. “I love the freedom to run”…

I fell in love with wolves after reading the book “Never Cry, Wolf” by Farley Mowat. A fascinating animal, with strong ethics and codes so simple, and yet so complex, that a human would envy. And yes, I do. If I could transfigure into an animal, I would certainly like to live life from the spectrum of a Canis lupus.


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