What if you had some bad news and still had to go on with your day?

Life is full of surprises. And just when  you thought everything runs smoothly caboom! A catastrophe comes knocking  your door and turns your life upside down. It has happened to me. Several times.

The first times, I was numb and asked for people’s sympathy. Later in my life, I realized that this tactic does not help really and I just isolated myself trying to work things out.

Now, I know. Bad news take time to swallow. The only way to handle it that would work for you eventually would be to act on it. Which is why I always have a to do list and a list of dreams. My mind is always focused on the good side of things that awaits me. All I need to do is to remind myself that no matter how devastating the news are, my bucket list will help me move on.


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