What if you wrote a personal ad for yourself?

Writing a personal ad for yourself is quite difficult. You actually get to choose the characteristics you want to promote so that you pick the right person, because nobody wants to spend their time with the wrong person, right?

And that is where doubts start. What if you use something that would attract the person for the wrong reason? Naaahhh… Ok. Let’s be positive!

What do I want to find out through this ad.; best case scenario? The man of my life. What characteristics do I want him to have? Love me for who I am and be loyal and trustworthy. Right… Great character, good chemistry and similar goals in life. What on earth am I going to write?

 “Are you looking for your partner in life? So do I.” (Right. And then, the other person would think that I am some kind of a wacko thinking I could actually find my other half that easy! But wait… Think positive, think positive, think positive.)

“ Are you looking for a gal to have fun with and break her heart later? Sorry I am not available!” (Girl, if this is positive, I am the pope of Rome!)

“I am fun to be around when I am in a good mood, which is most of the time. Being kind and stay positive is what works for me. I do believe though in getting a little bit crazy in life, so I might ask you to go for a hike with me instead of getting again to one of those cafés for the regular yada yada. I do like to converse, mind you! I just also believe that you get to really know the other person doing things that you both like. So I am open to suggestions to find out more things about you and myself and whether we are compatible.

Please, keep in mind I am artistic, a bookworm and a nature lover.

If you like my ad you can contact me through …”

Now, that is not that bad, right? Who knew? I actually wrote a personal ad!

Don’t you just love those “what ifs”?


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