What if you could change your place of living?

I always wanted a stone house with a large flower garden in the front and an orchard in the back.

Alas, I live in a small apartment in a port/ university city (which one does not really matter as all such cities are full of people and activity) with roommates that I could not actually choose. So, for me, even the slightest change would be positive.

I tend to act like the Novogratz family. I put my personal signature in all the places that I have lived. I want serenity and space in my home. I want colours and a huge bookcase, shelter for my books, in a library perhaps, where I would find comfort at rainy days, as I have always dreamt.

I love lofts too. There is something fascinating about them; something that I can’t explain. It seems that it is a large stage where everything can alter according to the play’s needs.

I would certainly love a place of my own. As Virginia Wolf so artistically has put, a place of your own, even if it is a small room, gives you the opportunity to be yourself and create marvels. It is like a door open to the grandeur that just awaits you to explore.

If only…


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