What if you could actually time travel?

I remember watching the movie “The time machine” and feeling ecstatic with the notion of such a possibility . The idea of being able to time travel hunted me for days. There are so many places to visit, so many historical eras, so many personalities.

For once I would like to meet Socrates and Diotima and live among them for a few days. Perhaps take part in the battle of Thermopylae and greet king Leonidas.

I would also like to travel to Jerusalem and hear the Sermon on the Mount of Jesus Christ and finally talk with Saint Longinus and Saint Basil or perhaps listen to Saint John the Chrysostome giving a sermon.

I would definitely go to Florence to have a conversation with Leonardo da Vinci and offer to help Michelangelo with Capella Sixtina.

Meeting and talking with Jane Austin, Beatrix Potter and Shakespeare would be a dream!

Experiencing a night at the Opera of Milan when Callas would perform Carmen…

So many wonderful experiences, so many wonderful personalities… If I could have the chance to time travel, I am not so sure I would like to live in the present at all.


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