What if you were part of the actual fashion police? (Assuming it would exist!)

Ok. Do you sometimes walk down the street and you almost get flabbergasted when you see a person wearing something that came from an alien movie?

It happens to me often. I see the same outfit, yet in different versions and the faces looking sad and out of space… Is it the political, economic, social situations or personal problems that turned them into a unified horde manifestors of sloppiness and “I do not care about myself” attitude hiding behind the “I want to feel comfortable and that is my main concern”? Who knows…

One thing is for sure. As a fashion police officer it would be my duty to investigate the situation and lead the subjects to the U.R. I. , the Unique Reformatory Institution. There, stylists would turn the “comfortable” and turned it into a CCH; Comfortable, Chic and Harmonious suitable to the individuals personality.

By the end of the day, a more confident and stylish person would emerge from the process with a big smile on the face, while the fashion policewoman who made the arrest (that would be moi!) would get a hug and a kiss on the cheek!

Oh and how wonderful that would feel!

P.S. Well, since there was an actual fashion police, did you think that a proper U.R.I would not exist too?


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