What if you found yourself closed in an elevator for 5 hours?

I had the experience of being closed in a small elevator with a couple, an aunt and uncle of mine. The first moments my aunts outside started making jokes for the couple being alone, and then, somehow I appeared on the stage and things started getting serious.

I remember myself staying quite calm and thinking that we are going to get out eventually! And in a matter of fifteen minutes we were.

Five whole hours is another matter though. Within five hours, you could have travelled abroad, cook lunch and enjoy it with your friends, finish a novel, go shopping, clean up your house and God only knows what else!

I usually carry a book and my notebook with me, whenever I go. So I guess my first option would be to finish the book and write things on my notebook. Another idea would be to take a nap. In the worst case scenario I would stand still and imagine exactly how I would like myself and my life to evolve, then fantasize about numerous ways to accomplish my dreams and once out of the elevator I would go for it.

Only this time, I would avoid taking the elevator in the near future…


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