What if people had to have at least one team mate in order to own a business?

Have you noticed how selfish people are? Of course you have! After all, we are all humans and we all try to take care of ourselves first. Don’t we?

What does taking care of myself mean though? Taking responsibility for who you are and what you do, takes lots of courage as we are brought up to think that we are surrounded by numerous choices that appear we have a saying at, all in the while, the only thing we have is a choice of whether we are going to participate in this phrenitis or not. Some, few individuals make a conscious decision to stand out as social pariahs, either driving themselves mad, or shine as unique personalities.

The business world  appears as an arena of individual fights. When you first come to the business world you want to conquer it all… by yourself. And then you sooner or later realize that this world is actually made up by teams. The thing is that individuals who do know how to work as team players have a loving relationship with themselves. They know that one more would mean double the happiness and share the pain. If they had struck the right partner from the very beginning things would have gone smoothly.

To go back to our initial question, teams are a spledour device to thrive. But, only if you choose your team mates wisely being able to take responsibility of who you are and what to do. .


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